Reunion 2017


September 28 thru October 1, 2017


At the close of our 2015 reunion Tusk Crew Members chose to have the 2017 Tusk Reunion in Branson MO.
Branson provides a wide variety of quality entertainment and can conveniently be added to the front or back end of a larger vacation trip. This would include 3 days prior and/or 3 days post reunion dates.
If you prefer to fly use the Springfield MO regional airport just 30 miles north of Branson.

The Tusk Reunion committee has chosen the Branson Tourism Center BTC Group to help us put together a reunion agenda that will appeal to our audience with a wider variety of entertainment.
This is the time to REUNITE and to also salute those we have recently lost.
Refer to the enclosed BTC flyer for the various package rates. These rates include all of the entertainment venues, bus transportation, lunches, dinners and 3 nights at the Grand Plaza with a full breakfast buffet. The only fee the Tusk Committee is requesting from each person attending the reunion is $25 (twenty five dollars) to cover some miscellaneous reunion expense and will be collected at check in on September 28, 2017. Other expenses will be covered out of our existing reunion account.
NOTE: If you are a vegetarian please inform the BTC contact so an arrangement can be made for the Banquet menu.
Please consider signing up to attend this reunion SOONER rather than later because we need to know attendance numbers early for contractual reasons and we want to at least double our usual attendance list. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL JUNE 30, 2017. Call your Tusk buddies and make this reunion a special event on your "bucket list".
 To register for the reunion call Lesley at BTC at 1/800-268-4014, M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time and refer to our group #23330. If she is not in, someone will take care of you and/or answer all of your questions or concerns. You will be prompted to leave a credit card number on file and if for some reason you need to cancel before June 30, 2017 there is NO cost to you. After June 30, 2017 there is a cancellation fee of 10% per person and any cancellations within 30 days of arrival are Non-Refundable.
 ALL reservations must be made through BTC at 1-800-268-4014.
 BTC offers an Optional Cancellation Protection Plan costing $25 (twenty five dollars) and is non-refundable due at Final Payment Deadline on June 30, 2017. Check with BTC for further details.
We have covered a lot of information and you may have questions and/or comments. Call BTC and they will assist you. See you soon.
Roger Maggi
PS: If you cannot make it to the reunion and wish to make a donation please send a check to :
Roger J. Maggi Sr/Tusk Reunion 2017
256 Long Mountain Drive
Lynchburg VA 24504
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
 This will be the ONLY postal mailing for the 2017 reunion. Any further correspondence will be VIA email. Please forward your email to me if it is not on file in the on-line crew's list.
 WE ARE NOW A REUNION COMMITTEE OF 2 so, if you can help us at the reunion to set up, run for the beer, wine, chips etc let me know. Thanks in advance.

Update March 12, 2017

To Our USS Tusk Shipmates
From the USS Tusk 2017 Reunion Planning Committee
We have a change to our entertainment during the USS Tusk 2017 Reunion. At the beginning of each year the entertainment venues in Branson tweak their lineup to accommodate the availability of big name entertainers and, as a result, we have been bounced from our Sept. 29th spot on Fri. night to make room for Charlie Pride who will only be in Branson for one night in 2017. Unfortunately, the price for his show is twice what we were paying for the Million Dollar Quartet so, we have been in touch with our contact at the Branson Tourism Group (BTG) and have come up with an equally talented group that has continued to gain popularity during the past two years and is now one of the top shows in Branson. The show's name is "Raiding the Vault". Lesley, our BTG contact, is sure you will be pleased with this 2 hour show and, as scheduled, we will have a dinner before the show, in a separate area of the theater.  
PLEASE LET US HEAR FROM YOU: The Reunion Planning Committee request that you sign up early. Many have already signed up without financial obligation if you sign up until June 30th. Your quick response will help us to make better arrangements for transportation to/from tours and also have a better idea of  how many snacks and beverages we need to purchase for our casual/"plop yourself down" meeting area to catch up on what your shipmates are doing, their families, trips, and of course, some sea stories. REMEMBER: The deadline to sign up without paying a late fee is June 30, 2017. PLEASE JOIN US IN BRANSON FOR A “FUN FILLED REUNION”.
For more information or to reserve your package please call Lesley our BTG contact, at 1-800-268-4014, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. When you make your reservations please mention our group reference number 23330. BTG also offers an Optional Cancellation Protection Plan costing $25(twenty-five dollars).
Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter and others, as we move forward. Here's looking forward to seeing you in September.

Your Planning Committee, Roger & Janet Maggi, Jimmy & May Martin, and Bob Clymer. 

Update July 1, 2017

The Branson Group will honor more late signups in July , at the current rate, as long as the hotel has rooms available.
If anyone has a schedule conflict or some other limitation Branson will customize a package for them, they can show up for say , just the dinner on Sunday night. In short, the Branson group is very flexible and will try to accommodate any special requirements. 

Reunion Donations

Drew Nolke
William Bucholz
Gary Carter



Clymer, Robert

Davis, George & Pamela
Donohue, Art & Ann-Marie
Franz, Robert

Thomas & Beverly

Lynn & Marsha
Lawyer, Allan
Jim & Dorothy
Maggi, Roger & Jan
Martin, Jimmy & May
McCarthy, Gerald & Cecilia
Nearing, Lloyd & Phoebe
Parke, Chuck & Annette
Partridge, Don & Lucille
Smith, Fred
Smith, David & Katie
Charlie &
Taylor &
James &
David &
Pete &

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