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USS Torsk Tour

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Dennis O'Keeffe
Ed Farley
Robert Vogel Dave Smith
Joe Koch Ken Nilsson  
Sharkey Chartier Joe Wiseman Dexter Holaday  


Robert and Joann Franz Dennis and Jeanne O'Keeffe Bill and Betty Hamlin Lenny Gregrey Dennis and Kathy Walsh Ed Farley Art
EM2 1960-63 Sn 1959-60 EM2 1959-61 QM3 1951-53 MM2 1966-70 LCDR 1965-67 EMFn 1953-53
Joe and Mary Jane Koch David and Ardyce Olson George and Pam Davis Brooke and Norma Lynch Edward and Jessie Harding James and Roseann Halbert Jeff and Linda Johnson and Nyomi
LT 1960-63 EM2 1967-70 IC3 1967-69 EN3 1960-61 EN3 1967-68 MM2 1966 FTG2 1968-71
Skip and Anne-Marie Donohue Ken and Lisa Funk Lloyd and Phoebe Nearing Bobby Joe Martin Dan Buchan Jimmy Joe and May Martin Jim and Chickie Goodine
RM3 1966-68 TM2 1964-66 LTJG 1964-65 IC3 1958-59 MM2 1960-62
MM1 1965-67
IC2 1964-68 EN2 1966-69
Lynn and Marsha Lantz Charles and Annette Parke Charles Stauff Ray and Angelina Savard Taylor and Carol Fox Charles Pike Ken and June Nilsson
EN2 1968-70 IC2 1964-68 IC2 1960-61 EM2 1968-70 TM3 1967-68 Fn 1952-53 ENDFn 1951
Bruce and Elsie
David and Mary Docteur Frank and Jean Herrold Fred and Vickie Smith Ken and Gaylee Chubb Phil and Paula Lantz Roger and Janet Maggi
EN3 1959-61 Sn 1956 TM2 1965-66 SK2 1963-65
EM1 1959-60 LTJG 1961-63 EMFn 1961-62
Bob and Edna Croft Joe Wiseman Sharkey and Nanci Chartier Allan Lawyer Mel and Jane Myers Dexter and Maryanne Holaday Dave Smith
EN1 1961-63 CO 1965-67 EM3 1960 EN2 1962-63 ETC 1969-70 QM2 1966-68 FTGSn 1962-63
Taylor and Lena Bain Freddy and Cynthia Fortner Don and Lucille Partridge Richard and Sally Stuhlmuller Norman and Carol Staples Fred and Cheryl Merrick Jim Connor
IC3 1959-61 CS2 1966-70 IC3 1961-62 EN2 1958-62 EM3 1963-64 LT 1967-68 QM1 1971-72
Gary Parker George Mullins Jack Newe Michael Tobin Bob Glover    
QM3 1972-73 TM2 1966-69 Sn 1951-53 END3 1953-55 XO 1971-73