The Last Cruise

This is Walter Matthau's television debut and features early appearances by DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy in STAR TREK) and Leslie Nielsen.

A Studio One television drama. First broadcast November 13, 1950.

Director: Paul Nickell

Starring: Leslie Nielsen


Walter Matthau
DeForest Kelley
Paul Nickell
Don Dickinson
Richard Webb
Robert Wark
Richard Carlyle
John Alberts
Walter Storkey
Harry M. Cooke
John Fletcher
Alan Dreeban
Roy Johnson
Harry Holsten
Martin Newman
James Godwin
Arnold Walton
Vincent O'Brien

My thanks to John (Hoppy) Hoppes for providing the video and serving aboard Tusk when the incident occurred.

My thanks to William (Pargobill) Patterson for his unique video related abilities and help with this site.


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