About this Site

The USS TUSK memorial website was started in 2007 by TUSK crewman QM3/SS Gary Parker

This website is dedicated to the former crew members of the USS Tusk SS 426 and other interested parties. It will be used to provide information on the history of the Tusk and news that will be of interest to all who visit. Any suggestions or comments to improve the site will be appreciated. This site began on Nov 1, 2007 by Gary Parker (QM3/SS USS TUSK) and continued in 2018 by Gerry Smith (MT2/SS USS SIMON BOLIVAR). This is a work in progress. Some areas are incomplete and in need of input from former crew members or relatives of former crew members. Please send notice of any errors as well as additions and desired changes to webmaster(at)usstusk.com. Please note that emails sent to this address will be received by both Gary and Gerry.